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Limited Edition Prints of David T. Turnbaugh's Chesapeake Bay skipjack Series

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Each series is a limited edition of 475 prints, signed and numbered by the artist.
Standard Edition $140; with Pencil Remarque $350; with Color Remarque $600.

Artist Proof $190; with Pencil Remarque $400; with Color Remarque $650.

Signed by the artist. Printed on the highest quality acid free paper.
Image size is approx. 19 1/2"  x 29 1/2", unless otherwise noted.


Skipjack Fine Art Print by David T. Turnbaugh - "Sunrise Rendevous at Baltimore Light" - Skipjack The H.M. Krentz

"Sunrise Rendevous at Baltimore Light"

The Skipjack H. M. Krentz

Sailing charters depart daily (Apr-Oct) from the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum (CBMM).

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Skipjacks are wooden boats designed for oyster dredging in the Chesapeake Bay. By law, skipjacks must work under sail three days a week. With their reliance on winds to reap their harvest, our hearts recall more wholesome days. Dave is working on a series of portraits to capture the simple elegance of the last remaining working skipjacks.




Save Our Skipjacks:
When you purchase a skipjack print from this page,  a portion of the proceeds will go to benefit charities devoted to preserving and promoting the legacy of the Chesapeake Skipjacks.

David T. Turnbaugh is earnestly concerned with the plight of the Chesapeake Bay skipjack. In the early eighties, Dave recognized that these once common light, sailed oyster boats were in trouble.

In the early 20th century, there were about 1,000 'jacks working the Bay. Today there are only about 20 skipjacks left. Most are more than eighty years old. In addition, the oysters they depend on are in decline due to disease, pollution and over-harvesting.

Dave is in the process of painting a portrait of each of the remaining skipjacks and publishing a limited edition print of each. Dave believes this project will bring attention to the vanishing skipjack, a true icon of Chesapeake history. In order to raise awareness and financial aid, Dave donated his original work to the Maryland Historical Society and granted the use of the image in their S.O.S. ("Save our Skipjacks") poster.


Learn more about the skipjack heritage and the remaining fleet, including those designated National Landmarks by clicking here.


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