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Why Buy a Turnbaugh?

There are probably billions of paintings, prints, and other decorations hanging on walls around the world. But you will only occasionally see fine-art prints and even rarer to find original artworks.


All wall decorations are luxury items – the wall will be perfectly happy without another hole in it. So why buy a painting or limited-edition print from Dave Turnbaugh?

Art speaks to your heart, your passions, your desires. A Turnbaugh painting may spur emotions of excitement or calm, gratitude or consciousness, satisfaction or even discontent with the passing of history. Your art may make you feel happy, bold, energized or at peace with the world. You might even be merely making a statement or taking pleasure in the piece of art as a symbol of your success and a signpost for your accomplishments – a trophy if you will.

People bond with the art and the artist in various ways as well. When you share the artist’s perspective, you may feel it is so personal that you hang it somewhere for your own private viewing. On the other hand, you may want to put the print on display where others can see it because you want to proclaim your connection with the artist or exclaim your appreciation for the composition.

"On the Wing" - Dave Turnbaugh's winner in the 2000 Maryland Migratory Game Bird Stamp Design Competition ("Duck Stamp")
Whatever motivates you to acquire Dave Turnbaugh artwork from Maryland Realist, you’re making an investment that is a reflection of your soul.
Buy and enjoy!
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